5 Small Bites to Impress Guests

While events have changed and new regulations are set forth, we are constantly looking for ways to bring exquisite experiences to your events. Connecting people through food is something that we are passionate about, as well as providing the most delicious and fresh ingredients the season has to offer. One of our staple catering options are small bites. They are the best way to create variety and add unique flavors that can stand alone for a cocktail party or be the perfect dinner party sidekick. We love keeping our menu up to date by incorporating in-season produce and flavors, but there are a few favorites that we hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Caprese Skewers 

These are a perfect addition that will satisfy everyone’s palette. A crowd pleaser to say the least. Cherry Tomatoes paired with mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and a drizzle of balsamic. It may sound simple, but you’ll catch yourself snacking on these all night. 

Stuffed Mushrooms 

If you’re in the mood for a real savory treat, our stuffed mushrooms will satisfy that craving. As a perfect gluten free option (GFO), our stuffed mushrooms are stuffed with a local italian sausage and a 4 cheese blend. You can also make this a vegetarian option and choose our sex cheese blend with garlic and onions! 


A Five Tables Favorite! Our chef has built a following with this appetizer and it satisfies any picky eater. Our signature meatball recipe with the choice of a marinara, pesto, or BBQ. These little bites will satisfy any appetite and are packed full of flavor.

Smoked Salmon Canape

The perfect salty addition. Our canapes are a small hors d’oevre of puff pastry, cracker, or veggie with a smear of goat cheese, cucumber, fresh herbs, and smoked salmon. Let your guests indulge in this bite and add it to your catering spread.

Meat and Cheese Board

Charcuterie please! We love a good meat and cheese board that is loaded with the best varieties of cheeses and meats. We complete our boards with veggies, olives, nuts, fruit, jam, and honey. Also a gluten free option! 

We look forward to the small bite options you pick out! Call us today and we can talk more about your perfect spread.

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