An Update on the Café

From the beginning of the state-wide lockdown, we have tried to use this time of quarantine and social distancing to change some things up in the Cafe. While closed, our head Chef, Ashley Smith, had time to get creative and get excited about what would be changing when we start to reopen. Below are some of the things Ashley had to say about updates at Five Tables:

What has changed about Five Tables Cafe since it closed during quarantine?

“The biggest change was how much we had to scale back with our ingredients. Even though we were semi-open to the members of desk chair Workspace, we were still not producing as much food. The lack of fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, bread, and cheeses was a major change for our kitchen, as that is something that we pride ourselves in.Going forward, we are so excited to partner with more local producers! The pandemic has had a large effect on major food supply chains and disrupted the normal flow of staple ingredients. However, this will force us to source the majority of our products from local businesses and make sure that our ingredients are the freshest they can be. We already buy from a lot of local producers, but this will completely change our Cafe. Exciting!”


Have you had the chance to come up with any new and interesting creations?

“Yas! I have been perfecting our meatball recipes that we typically use on meatball subs and they are quite the hit. A popular favorite with the members has been the Meatball and Mushroom Pizza. Another big change that I have gotten to create has been our seasonal salads. Because our supply chains have been disrupted, our salads will be mostly made up of seasonal ingredients, due to the freshness of the food. This will give us a chance to expand our salad selection and give customers more options for something different!”


What do you miss the most about pre-quarantine and being in the Cafe?

“I really miss my staff and all of our customers. Community is the lifeblood of Five Tables, desk chair, and all of Loveland. Without that strong sense of community, it has been really tough. Positivity and the hope for a new normal are on the horizon, though!”

We’re all staying optimistic over here, and we hope to see you soon!


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