Meet Our Chefs! Sibling Duo: Adam and Ashley Smith

As we prepare for The Senses of Fall | The Chefs Experience, we get to know the minds behind the magic here at Five Tables Cafe. Ashley Smith is our Head Chef and her brother, Adam Smith, serves as her Sous Chef. The duo has been working together at several Loveland favorites. Get to know them!

Meet Ashley:

Ashley Smith has over 10 years of restaurant experience and has learned from some of the best in the business. After interning with Loveland’s Chophouse her senior year of high school, she was offered a position to learn directly from head chef, Jason Schmitz. When she had gained enough restaurant experience, Ashley became the head chef at Chophouse and brought in her brother, Adam to work with her. She has established a following in Downtown Loveland and is passionate about using local ingredients everyday in the kitchen. At Five Tables, Ashley has changed the catering game. She brings small bites to another level in both sweet and savory options. When asked what her favorite flavor to work with, she says “salt ”because “it’s the foundation of every dish and can make or break the flavor combination.”

Meet Adam:

Adam Smith , the other Smith sibling,has an equally impressive resume. After finishing college, he found a passion in cooking alongside his sister. Adam has served as the head chef at Loveland Favorites, as well. In fact the siblings have been a cooking duo at several downtown Loveland restaurants. Adam has been the head at both Pourhouse and Slate, with his sister serving beside him. He worked beside Ashley at Chophouse and now at Five Tables Cafe. Adam says that his sister is the reason he found a passion in cooking as a career and says that the two balance each other well.
We were able to sit down with Adam and Ashley and ask them more questions about their cooking journey.
Q: What inspired you to join the restaurant industry?
Ashley: I’ve always wanted to! I have always thought that cooking is the ultimate art form because it stimulates all five senses. From the flavors and smells, to hearing the crackling of a sizzling steak. It’s perfect. I owe a lot of my fascination with the kitchen to m upbringing. I had a little cookbook that taught me how to make my favorite recipe; Cheddar Cheese Biscuits. (It’s still one of my favorites to this day!)
Adam: When we were kids, our parents made us make 2 family meals a week and we both learned foundational cooking skills that most people don’t learn until they’re older. Our mother is Philipino and taught us how to make Philipino food and sparked my passion for combining different cultural techniques into my skills now.
Q: Who has been the most influential person throughout your career?
Ashley: Jason Schmitz. He offered me my first position in a kitchen at the Loveland Chophouse. I accepted a dishwashing position ands able to learn everything from him. When I eventually took over as head chef, I was able to incorporate everything he had taught me into running my own kitchen.
Adam: My sister Ashley! If it wasn’t for her, I would have never considered a career in cooking. She always pushes me to do better, and reassures me when I’m unsure about a dish.
Q: What is your favorite dish to make?
Ashley: I would have to say confections! I originally wanted to go to school to become a pastry chef, but I found a passion for the restaurant industry and cooking. Luckily, Five Tables Cafe has given me the opportunity to create those confections and pastries through catering. Whipping up a unique dessert for a client is something I love to do and am happy to work with them on!
Adam: I love the classics. A ribeye steak with mashed potatoes is a no-fail dish for me. I also love creating fusion dishes that incorporate my favorite styles of cooking.
Q: Favorite part of working with your sibling?
Ashley: Adam is so reliable and consistent. I will always trust his work in the kitchen. Even though we’re similar in a lot of ways, he has a different eye for food design and combines flavors I would never have thought of!
Adam: Ashley has been a great partner in the kitchen. She is constantly teaching and inspiring me to be the best at what we do. She takes a real teamwork approach to the kitchen and creates an environment to make my skills better.
Q: Is there a chef you admire the most? Who and why?
Ashley: Anthony Bourdain. He created beautiful dishes that had cultural impacts and inspired a lot of what I try to do with my work.
Adam: David Chang, the owner of Momufuku. We have a similar background coming from multicultural families. I love fusion inspired dishes and he has created a platform for Asian fusion to really expand.
Don’t forget to buy your tickets to The Senses of Fall | The Chefs Experience. During this experience, our Chefs will take you through the best parts of Fall. May that be the leaves on your front tree changing or maybe the crisp dewy morning air upon waking up. Each season begins a new set of traditionally inspired plates and we would like to walk you through ours.
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