Nitro Coffee in Loveland

Nitro coffee in Loveland

If you haven’t tried nitro coffee, you’re missing out. The latest innovation to reshape the way people drink their java, nitro cold brew is delicious – but requires a dedicated tap system to be poured. That’s sent many coffee aficionados in search of coffee shops in Loveland that serve nitro brews. Five Tables Café brings the drink to historic downtown Loveland.

Have you ever had a rich, delicious Guinness draught in a bar, or enjoyed any other nitro beers? Nitro coffee brings the same rich, creamy texture to standard cold-brew coffee. We start with kegs of small-batch, free-trade conscious cold brew coffee produced by Method Coffee Roasters in Denver. Just as with kegged beer, we can pull draughts of cold-brew at our taps bar side, using the pressure of the inert gas to draw the beer.

The tap contains a valve with tiny holes. As the pressurized coffee flows through the disc, it creates the foamy effect most people associate only with nitrogenated dark beers. The pour itself is a thing of beauty, as tiny nitrogen bubbles cascade after it’s poured. As its name implies, it’s served cold from the tap, but never over ice, as the shock of freezing temperatures interferes with the nitrogen’s effect on the coffee.

It doesn’t just look pretty in the glass, either. It has a smooth, rich and creamy flavor straight from the tap that’s much different from the bite you expect from traditional cold-brew coffee. The nitrogenation makes the drink so creamy and light that many coffee drinkers who routinely add cream or sweetener to their drinks drink nitro coffee straight from the tap.

Nitro cold brew coffee is a great way to kick off your summer morning, make it through a long afternoon or reward yourself at the end of the day, and we’re here for you at 201 E. 4th Street, in desk chair™ workspace’s lower level starting at 8 a.m. weekdays, 3 p.m. Saturday, and we stay open until 9 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, and 10 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

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