Panda Mic’s Pantry Tips

Although our doors are closed for now, we are still here to serve you while you’re at home! We are bringing you some at-home pantry tips, as well as a video from our new mascot, Panda Mic. We hope you can find some of these helpful and get a laugh out of the video! 

Our recommended essential shopping list to fix up a catastrophe in your own kitchen.

Parmesan Cheese: Quick addition to any sad salads, crappy casseroles, cruddy cooked vegetables, bland broccoli, or sub-par proteins.

Mashed Potato Flakes: Just add water as a speedy emergency side. They’re also awesome to thicken up soups or save a runny sauce!

Box of Prepared Baking Mix: Nothing more comforting than knowing fresh baked goods from cookies to biscuits to bread is just minutes away!

Evaporated Milk: This shelf stable substitute is an absolute trip saver! Great band-aid for curries, soups, or dry desserts.

Spices: Keeping your food exciting while life is a little boring can be your day saver! Add some different flavors to bland food to spice up your meals. Our favorite spices are: minced dry garlic, minced dried onion, Adobo seasoning, chile powder, lemon pepper, curry powder, herb blends, and season salt.

Gravy Mix: This is great to have on hand for that time you accidentally overcook your chicken and you need to save your meal in a pinch. It also works great to add an extra layer of flavor to your favorite casserole!

Hollandaise Sauce Packets: Again, great for overcooked proteins or overdone vegetables. Just add your favorite hot sauce, condiment or spice for a saucy twist.

Canned Vegetables: These are perfect soup and stir-fry starters, they are also great with a quick sear. Sometimes the canned food section can be overwhelming, we recommend these vegetables that hold-up well: corn, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, asparagus, beets, and green chiles.

Canned Fruits: We’ll take peaches, pears, pineapple and blueberries, please! These make easy cobbler starters with a dash of cinnamon. They are nice to warm on top of a good brie cheese with balsamic vinegar as a quick classy appetizer. Also good to top and save a fallen cheesecake!


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